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Science Faculty

Our Science Faculty consists of experienced, enthusiastic teachers whose aim is to ensure that all pupils reach their potential through the many different pathways open to them.  Science at Redden Court School is a very exciting proposition for students.  Everyone studies Science, with a clear focus on the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The Science Faculty comprises of four fully equipped laboratories, one classroom and an ICT suite and is well resources for fully inclusive practical sessions.

Students in Year 7 and 8 cover a two year KS3 curriculum that covers all of the key concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

In Years 9 to 11, every student will have the opportunity to study for two GCSEs in Science.  Some students will have the opportunity to work towards three GCSEs, one in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Faraday Challenge Team Winners of 2016

Staff List

Head of Faculty

Mr J. Younan

2nd in Faculty

Mrs M. Slattery

Teacher of Science

Mr R. Ruthven

Teacher of Science

Miss K. Davies

Teacher of Science

Mrs S. Harvey

Teacher of Science

Mrs J. Lebow

Teacher of Science

Mr K. Hikel

Teacher of Science and Director of Student Achievement
Mrs S Thompson

Senior Technician

Ms B. Szewczyk


Mrs S. Wilkins


Mrs M. Abbott