Redden Court School is a school which has served the local community of Harold Wood for many years, providing a high-quality education for the students of this area.

The school is forward thinking and progressive. We seek to achieve the very best for all our students through the use of advanced technology and a rich variety of educational approaches. We have caring staff dedicated to ensuring that your children are successful in every aspect of their learning.

As a Specialist Academy for Mathematics and Computing and an accredited Thinking School we continue to use our strengths in these areas to enhance the learning opportunities for all students and raise standards across the curriculum. As a learning community we are committed to success for all members of the surrounding area. Mr P Ward, Head Teacher

SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) Calendar of Events

Assembly Themes for 2015/16

w/c 2nd May 2016: MAble


Current Events:

15th March 2016 - Queen's College Roadshow

16th March 2016 - Year 7 MFL Master Class

16th March 2016 - Year 5 MFL Master Class

17th March 2016 - College and University Fair

19th March 2016 - Duke of Edinburgh South Weald Day Walk

Past Events:

1st May 2015 - School visit to Credit Suisse to promote financial careers for women

19th May 2015 - Year 9 Catering Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors Demonstration

3rd June 2015 - Year 7 Spark2Life Assembly

6th June and 7th June 2015 - Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Practice Expedition at Wickham Bishops

15th June 2015 - Citizenship school visit to the East London Mosque in Whitechapel

3rd July 2015 - MFL Spelling Bee National Final

13th July to 17th July 2015 - Activity Week for all Students

12th January 2016 - Year 7 trip to UEL University

14th January 2016 - Year 11 Twilight MABLE Session at Havering 6th Form

16th January 2016 - Duke of Edinburgh First Aid Exam


2nd May                               Bank Holiday

3rd May, 12.20pm to 1pm         Early Lunch Timetable

3rd May                               Year 9 Tetnus, Diptheria, Polio and Mec C Jabs

3rd May, 1pm to 3pm                Year 11 IGCSE English Exam

4th May                               Year 9 Tetnus, Diptheria, Polio and Mec C Jabs

5th May, 3pm to 8pm                 Year 11 GCSE Drama Showcase

5th May, 3.20pm to 4.45pm       Girls' Football Tournament

7th May, 10am to 12pm            Girls' Inter-Years Netball Rally at Redden Court School

8th May, 3.30pm to 7.30pm       British Basketball Playoff at the O2

Anti Bullying
Anti-Bullying at Redden Court.

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